The Petroleum Club has relocated to the Top Floor of the Total Building at 1201 Louisiana effective January 26, 2015.  Our first meeting at the new location was February 4, 2015.


The cost of Valet parking at the new location will be $10.00.  For information on how to access the valet please Click here  for the Valet Parking Map.

Join us for monthly section meetings the first Wednesday of each month at the Petroleum Club of Houston, located at 1201 Louisiana, Top Floor, Houston, Texas 77002

June 1, 2016               12:00 o’clock Noon                The Petroleum Club

Use a PLAN to Critique Mental Health Experts

John A. Zervopoulos, Ph.D., J.D., ABPP, PsychologyLaw Partners


 Plus “Interesting Cases by Sallee Smyth”


For additional information or to make your reservation, click here.



Effective with the September meeting, all RSVP’s for the monthly Luncheons, must be done online

Laminated Court Charts are currently on sale at our monthly luncheons.  For a printable copy please click this link (to be applied)


Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel

Tips on how to comply with changes in the e-filing submission process

The state and its contractor, eFileTexas.gov, regularly up-date and tweak the e-filing submission process.

Learn about the latest changes in the submission process on the District Clerk’s UPDATED Power Point presentation:

Mastering the basics of the state’s new e-filing system

The Power Point presentation can be found on the DCO home page (www.hcdistrictclerk.com) or accessed through this hyperlink:
Power Point Presentation.

The presentation includes new information on:

     File date stamps for filings returned for correction
     Avoiding common errors
     File date stamps on filings submitted on weekends

On the DCO home page, you also may access a video of the DCO’s seminar
Mastering the basics of the state’s new e-filing system


Updates from Hon. David Farr

Members of the HBA Family Law Section:  as some of you may have personally observed this week the civil and family courts are working through some growing pains regarding the security lines in the lobby of the Civil Courthouse.  With the recent transition of the 311th and the 308th District Courts from 1115 Congress to 201 Caroline there has been an increase in litigant and attorney foot traffic in and out of the lobby of 201 Caroline.  The three administrative judges have already met and prepared a response to increase the number of scanners in the lobby by two additional scanners to mitigate this problem.  It will be several months before these two additional scanners are set up and running in the lobby so your patience is appreciated.  I would stress that the attorney use of the Frequent Visitor Badge has a demonstrable impact on the lines so please consider obtaining a FVB if you have not already obtained one.  Thanks, ddf.

Members of the HBA Family Law Section:

The Board of Family Judges is pleased to announce that HB 1167 relating to the creation of an additional family district court in Harris County has been filed today by Senfronia Thompson.  If it should ultimately pass it will be the 507th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas which will hear only family law by docket control order.  The progress on this effort so far is due to the hard work of all of the family law judges of Harris County.


 LegalLine Volunteers Needed

We need your help! The HBA Family Law Section is committed to provide 2 family law specialists for each of the HBA’s LegalLine programs – an attorney for each shift: 5pm to 7pm and 7pm to 9pm. We need volunteers to staff the next six months. Please contact Sara Valentine at sara@brfamilylaw.com.


Online HBA Dues Renewal Now Available

 As a Houston Bar Association member, you can now conveniently renew your dues and manage your HBA membership account online.

To begin using this new feature, you will first need to create your online account by using the email address where you receive your HBA email announcements.  Once created, you will be able to manage your HBA account at your convenience.  To create your online account, please click here.

Current only Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted.

For assistance or further information, please contact the HBA Membership Department at 713-759-1133.

Please note:

  • In creating your online account, please do not use your state bar number as your user name; only use the email address where you received this email. This email address is already in our HBA database and will be used to recognize your account.
  • Please remember to renew section membership during the online renewal process. If you do not join or renew your section membership at the time you pay your dues online, you will have to renew your section membership through submitting a paper application by mail with a check for section dues. Click here to download PDF application form.

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