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HBA Luncheon Presentation: Evidentiary Demonstrations (November 2014)Evidentiary Demonstrations

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Advanced Criminal Evidentiary Issues (September 2014)
 Advanced Criminal Evidentiary Issues 

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Utilizing a Private Investigator (July 2014)
Utilizing a Private Investigator

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Annual Associate Judge’s Luncheon (October 2013)
Associate Judge Handout

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Future of E-Filing in Harris County (May 2013)
280th Court FreeFax Filing

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Recent Changes in Innocent Spouse Relief (Apr. 2013); David C. Gair
GAIR, Recent Changes in Innocent Spouse Relief

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Dos and Don’ts In Trial (Mar. 2013); Hon. Sherri Dean)
DEAN, Dos and Don’ts in Trial

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Tax Returns-Decoded (Feb. 2013; Hon. Roy Moore, Jeremy Robin, and Todd Frankfort)
Tax Returns – Decoded (powerpoint presentation)
Sample Tax Return of JERRY G. TAX

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Evidence – Keeping It In (Oct. 2012; John Nichols, Sr.)
HBA Evidence – Keeping It In (PPT)

EVIDENCE: Keeping It In, Keeping It Out, Preservation of Error Through Making and Meeting Objections in Texas Family Law (available upon request)

FALL 2012 CLE: Enforcement – A Mock Trial Experience
Fall CLE Video Order Form
Fall CLE Papers

HBA Luncheon Presentation: HBA Annual Associate Judges’ Luncheon March 2015
HBA Annual Associate Judges’ Luncheon

HBA Luncheon Presentation:  Obtaining Medical Records
HIPAA Presentation Apr 2015
Model Motion for Protective Order

Articles on Enforcements Provided by Judge Alyssa Lemkuil and Dan Lemkuil
Creative Parenting Time Enforcement:  Contempt and Beyond (2011 Edition)
Confused About Contempt?  Prosecuting and Defending Enforcement Cases (2010 Edition)

October 7, 2015
Presentation – Houston BarAssociation – Family Law Section

April 2016
HBA Luncheon- Texas 2 Step
Common Forms of Humanitarian-Based Relief

March 2 2016
AJ Luncheon Handout

May 2, 2016
Dissecting Disclosures.5.2.16