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Annual Associate Judge’s Lunch – Featuring: 309th, 310th, 311th, 312th, and 507th Judicial District Courts
Judge Beverly Malazzo, Judge Conrad More, Judge Diane Guariglia, Judge Eileen Gaffney, and Judge Jim Evans
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Part I of the Annual Associate Judges’ Lunch
Featuring the 245th, 246th, 247th, 257th, and 308th Judicial District Courts”; Judge Jim Cooper, Judge Chelsie Ramos, Judge Paula Vlahakos, Judge Deborah Patterson, and Judge David Sydow.
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January 3, 2018
“Where do we go from here? Tips on identifying, addressing, and effectively presenting evidence relating to parental alienation.”
The Honorable Sheri Y. Dean, The Honorable Alicia Franklin York, Susan Solis, and Lori Lombardi, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist.
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October 2017
“Helping Clients Navigate the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey – Tips on Handling Insurance Claims and Emotional Trauma from the Flood.”
Hank Stout of Sutliff & Stout, PLLC and Elizabeth McIngvale, Ph.D. Assistant Professor at Baylor University and founder of The Peace of Mind Foundation
– Watch “Harvey Mental Health” on Vimeo:
My Hurricane Story -Kids Workbook.pdf

September 2017
Warren Cole with the Legislative Update

May 2, 2016
Dissecting Disclosures.5.2.16

April 2016
HBA Luncheon- Texas 2 Step
Common Forms of Humanitarian-Based Relief

March 2 2016
AJ Luncheon Handout

October 7, 2015
Presentation – Houston BarAssociation – Family Law Section

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Evidentiary Demonstrations (November 2014)Evidentiary Demonstrations

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Advanced Criminal Evidentiary Issues (September 2014)
 Advanced Criminal Evidentiary Issues 

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Utilizing a Private Investigator (July 2014)
Utilizing a Private Investigator

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Annual Associate Judge’s Luncheon (October 2013)
Associate Judge Handout

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Future of E-Filing in Harris County (May 2013)
280th Court FreeFax Filing

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Recent Changes in Innocent Spouse Relief (Apr. 2013); David C. Gair
GAIR, Recent Changes in Innocent Spouse Relief

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Dos and Don’ts In Trial (Mar. 2013); Hon. Sherri Dean)
DEAN, Dos and Don’ts in Trial

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Tax Returns-Decoded (Feb. 2013; Hon. Roy Moore, Jeremy Robin, and Todd Frankfort)
Tax Returns – Decoded (powerpoint presentation)
Sample Tax Return of JERRY G. TAX

HBA Luncheon Presentation: Evidence – Keeping It In (Oct. 2012; John Nichols, Sr.)
HBA Evidence – Keeping It In (PPT)

EVIDENCE: Keeping It In, Keeping It Out, Preservation of Error Through Making and Meeting Objections in Texas Family Law (available upon request)

FALL 2012 CLE: Enforcement – A Mock Trial Experience
Fall CLE Video Order Form
Fall CLE Papers

HBA Luncheon Presentation:  Obtaining Medical Records
HIPAA Presentation Apr 2015
Model Motion for Protective Order

HBA Luncheon Presentation: HBA Annual Associate Judges’ Luncheon March 2015
HBA Annual Associate Judges’ Luncheon

Articles on Enforcements Provided by Judge Alyssa Lemkuil and Dan Lemkuil
Creative Parenting Time Enforcement:  Contempt and Beyond (2011 Edition)
Confused About Contempt?  Prosecuting and Defending Enforcement Cases (2010 Edition)